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Our Services

The Secret Healer - flowers & energy, led by Charley Shaw Reiki Master, NLP & Hypnosis Life Coach and Florist, provides unique and transformative services for those who seek profound and lasting healing. From Flower Gazing Meditations to Reiki sessions and special weekend workshops to explore and attune to flowers and Reiki, we offer a wide range of services to nourish and support your journey to wellness.

Relaxing Massage Therapy

Reiki and Flower meditation one on one

The Secret Healer - flowers & energy, offers an innovative approach to health and wellness. Combining regular Flower gazing meditations and Reiki sessions, they help reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and heart rate, and boost energy and happiness. We recommend 4-5 sessions initially or even one may be enough to see the benefits, so if you're ready to start your journey of personal transformation, The Secret Healer is there to guide you.

Floral Wreath 2
Relaxing in Hammock

Distant Reiki and Flower meditation

Welcome to the Secret Healer - flowers & energy, your destination for releasing emotional and physical stress with Distance Reiki and Flower Meditation! Our virtual sessions are available from the comfort of your own home and promote a deep sense of relaxation, repair of the nervous system, lower blood pressure and heart rate and reduce stress and anxiety. So, pick your flower and join us on Facebook Messenger for a journey of rejuvenation!

Floral Wreath 4
Old City

Past Life Reiki and Hypnosis

Introducing the Secret Healer: a Past Life Reiki and Hypnosis practice that specializes in unlocking deep rooted fears and emotional blocks from our past lives and Karmic debt. By entering a deep hypnotic trance and receiving Reiki energy work, these restrictions can be dissolved, allowing you to live a fuller, more complete life.

Sound Healing and Tarot

Nadia sound healer

Introducing The Secret Healer, where our expert Sound Healer Nadia Shaw brings calming and rejuvenating vibrations through music and sound therapy, combined with the power of Reiki healing and Tarot readings. Nadia's sessions are designed to create profound harmony and balance to reconnect the mind, body and soul.

Tarot Reading
Floral Wreath 4

Tarot Readings 
via Facebook Messenger or in person

Healing Therapy

Sound baths with
Nadia Shaw

Sound therapy

Flower Gazing Meditation & Sound Bath Healing Circle

Welcome to the Secret Healer! Our tarot readings are conducted via Facebook Messenger and provide insight into your situation to help identify potential solutions. We use tarot cards as our tool to help you gain clarity and make informed decisions. Make the most of our tarot readings and unleash the power of secret knowledge!

The Secret Healer invites you on a journey of deep relaxation and revitalization with their unique Sound Bath Therapy. Lay back, relax and journey deep within as the music of singing bowls, koshi bells, drums, pipes and chanting  plays in the background, leaving you in deep meditation for ultimate relaxation and healing. Enjoy the music and feel your energy replenished and your mind clearer.

When you are looking for an out-of-the-ordinary way to restore and heal, look no further than The Secret Healer. Offering powerful flower gazing meditation and sound bath experiences, The Secret Healer promises to bring you closer to yourself and restore balance within. Join us to take a journey inward and experience true relaxation and healing.


Flowers and Reiki Workshop 
for Self Love and relaxation

At The Secret Healer - flowers & energy, we offer workshops filled with Reiki, Flower power and Self Love. Whether you are interested in becoming attuned to Reiki, incorporating it into your daily life through flower gazing and flower crown creating, or self-applying Reiki to yourself or others, you will be guided on your journey with love and ease. Find out how Reiki and Flowers can bring transformation and joy to your life.

flower arrangement

Floral Therapy for
a Happier State of Mind

The Secret Healer - flowers & energy makes use of the power of flowers to help improve emotional health. With the use of simple flower arrangements, this unique Floral Therapy service provides a tangible way to achieve a happier state of mind, creating positive social effects. Come join us to make the magic happen!

Charley Shaw Life Coach

Empowerment Life Coaching Session

The Secret Healer offers an empowering life coaching session to help you create and attain your personal goals. Through a strategic partnership, helping you identify and clarify your goals, create action plans, and move past any obstacles holding you back. Together, we will unearth the root cause of your issues, talk about them, and eliminate the emotional baggage so you can have the confidence to take control of your destiny.

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