Energy Healing

Are you ready to journey deep within?
To unlock the secret healing of your emotions?

Allow yourself the gift of Floral Reiki

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When you look in the mirror do you love the person reflected back at you?

Do you remember the day when you stopped really looking without judgement?

When life's priorities placed the needs of others above your own?

When did you decide that everyone else was more important than your own needs and wants? 
Or have you always felt that way?

Do your thoughts, feelings and life align to who and where you thought you would be right now?

Has it left you wondering if this is all life has to offer?  Is this the best I can do?

Or if you are lucky, your life is exactly how you envisioned but you still feel like something is missing?

It's probably something you are not consciously aware of but sometimes you feel that don't you? 
You can't quite find your MOJO!


Meet your host Charley Shaw

Floral Reiki Master and Teacher, Transformation Life Coach

The most important dance you will ever perform is the one that awakens your soul.

It's not your fault if you have forgotten how to move in your own way.  Life throws so many unrehearsed twists and turns that create obstacles and challenges in our way.  Often it leaves us feeling burned out, Anxious, Overwhelmed.  Our minds can feel cluttered, limited and overworked.

So how do we learn to choreograph our own happy dance?


Are you willing to embark on a journey deep into your very core?  Are you ready to uncover the secret love you have for yourself?  Can you take a leap of faith and make the discovery that you are meant for more?


Hi there beautiful souls, I see you and I will hold space for you. 

In fact five years ago I felt the same way.  The harshest judgements and criticism came from myself, it was a cycle I didn't know how to break.  Then I stumbled on a Reiki I workshop and it changed my life, it changed how I saw myself and that was powerful and transformational. It would be such a privilege to uncover the secret healing of flowers and Reiki with you.

Reiki helps us to awaken and reconnect the mind,body and soul.  The Universal energy flows gently and certainly to the parts of us that need it the most.  Puts us in a peaceful state so we can actually connect with ourselves, as it resets and repairs our nervous system, declutters the mind and lifts away that heavy feeling that has been weighing you down. 


Reiki asks you to be present in this moment and as all parts of you intergrate you find solutions instead of problems, calm in place of chaos, wholeness of all that we are.  A sense of peace and tranquility washes over you, reminding you that YOU have always been Enough.  That who you are really does matter, anxiety and overwhelm melt away as you see clearly what you what you have been missing.  And the dance begins, slow, undulating, purposeful steps, you are beginning to move in your own way, learning to dance to your own tune. 


No doubt about it, flowers dance to their own tune as they radiate joy in the world.  With ease and grace they grow and bloom.  Unlike many of us the flower never doubts their purpose or beauty, never judges or compares themselves to another.

Connecting and creating with nature unleashes that inner child desperate to unlock our inner most desires and dreams.  When we give ourselves a minute to smell the flowers we find small insights and little pockets of time to redirect our energy into what we need and inquire where the beauty exists in our inner garden.  Gives you a moment to ground into yourself and reflect on the insights your higher self has imparted with you. 


As you create with flowers you can remind yourself that you get to choose, you get to choreograph the dance in your life.  You get to decide what you want and what you don't want.  As you admire the elegance and grace of the flowers you are working with you realise that YOU are the Prima Ballerina, this life you live is literally the performance of your life.  There are no rehearsals in Life so you learn to to be your own best friend. To show up for yourself and become the Super Hero that you're waiting for. Feel the fear and step into your power!


Ask yourself, Are you showing up on purpose?  Are you actively choosing the things that light you up,

that you love?  Why not?  What is blocking you?

Know deep within that you are meant for so much more.  It's your right to be happy!  And we know when happiness radiates on the inside, it spills out into everything in your external world.

My intention is that you leave feeling empowered and deeply connected with your true self.  That when you look in the mirror you see that strong, smart and powerhouse staring back at you and you feel that right in the pit of your stomach, and you don't judge or compare because you can now see the beautiful soul you truly are.  My wish for you is that you will show up and get comfortable with being unapologetically YOU and thats a fabulous feeling!

This experience is so incredibly transformational that you may feel compelled to learn Reiki for yourself.  Join our workshop.  It's such an incredible weekend, creating a stunning flower crown that you can take home to remind you of the dancer that is longing to come out.  Receive attunement so you can share this magical gift with your friends and family. Get really familiar with that loving transformational energy, practice it with other like-minded beautiful souls, detox your mind and give yourself permission to really see yourself - in all your glory!


Invite Reiki into your life, it will awaken your intuition, empower you in so many delicious ways, it will help you to find the grace in your life.  Reiki leads you to your truth.  Anger, Anxiety, Insomnia dissolve as Reiki flows through bringing those emotions their knees and healing them in a loving embrace from the Universe.

Take a journey that creates a long lasting and loving connection with YOU,  Align with yourself now and give yourself permission to dream of what you can become. Stop trying to be small and rise up to be the change that you want to see in your world. Shape your life so you leap out of bed every day because it feels so good to be you. 

Allow yourself to be guided by your true essence and live an extraordinary life, one that lights you up every day.  And when your cup is full, you will find your MOJO!!!

I hope to see you on the inside!  I can't wait to see you flourish and rise, remember an extraordinary life is your birth right, you just have to dig deep within to find what you need.

Peace and Love

The Secret Healer x


Why choose Reiki?

Tapping into the Japanese art of healing Reiki integrates all parts of your mind, body and soul.  When we feel connected it gently flows Peace, Love and Balance into our lives.  Here are just a few things you can expect from a Floral Reiki session
Promotes Harmony and balance

Reiki takes a gentle approach to energy transfer that helps the body to restore balance across Body, mind and spirit.

Inner Peace & Relaxation

A Reiki session is a very relaxing and blissful experience as the receiver clears the mind and releases tension held in the body.

Cleanses the Chakras

Regular sessions unlock the flow of energy throughout the body, reducing stress, promoting mental clarity.  Reiki clears the chakras and meridians.

Helps with Spiritual Growth

Reiki helps you to tap into your intuition and make decisions more easily, it helps the body, mind and spirit to elevate the receivers mood and attitude to life.

Because it targets the whole body it is easily the most powerful tool for healing.

Aids Sleep

The positive energy allows the mind to focus on the now and releases old energies that no longer serve us.

Clear Toxins from the body

Reiki reminds us that our bodies can repair or self-heal our state of digestion and rest, also can help with pain relief of physical ailments and gets to the root cause making healing more effective.



Have been using Cream of Minions on my daughter for her seasonal eczema, clears it up great.  She asks for her Minion Cream whenever she starts feeling itchy or her skin getting dry!  I highly recommend!

- Karen Littlewood -