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Energy Healing

Shift your energy, Relax, Reset and Rejuvenate.....

Allow yourself the gift of Floral Reiki

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Meet your host Charley Shaw
Mental Health issues are a first world problem. 
Modern life can feel so stressful leaving us with anxiety, overwhelm and depression.  It is my belief that healthy strategies and management techniques can lead to recovery and see us living our best life.

Covid times have seen a huge increase in mental health clients.  In addition there are people out there trying to navigate their way through trauma, addictions, abuse, depression to name but a few.  Luckily they are assigned dedicated Health Professionals who will encourage, advocate, care and empower them to recover from the myriad of real life situations that have contributed to knock them down.  It's not just Covid, before this circumstances have happened in life that has just been too much!  You, Super Souls, do a fabulous job of helping them to make sense of it and embrace a life that is meaningful for them.

I wonder though, faced with clients experiencing anger, resentment, fear, depression and other real life issues, that can really take a toll on you, who takes care of your mental health?

Some of you will be empaths, are you taking time for yourself to shed others emotional residue or do you just keep calm and carry on?

Is your workplace a source of joy?  Or does it add more stress to your already heavy load?


Meet your host Charley Shaw

Floral Reiki Master, Mentor, Teacher, Mental Health Life Coach, Aromatherapist, Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner and Florist

The hands on healing of Reiki transcends, transmutes and transforms your life and awakens your soul.

  Life has thrown so many unrehearsed twists and turns that left to experience obstacles and challenges that sometimes you may feel it's all too much.  Modern life sucks most of our lives into conformity, rules and consists of things we hate doing!  Working in the Health sector leaves little headspace to care for our own emotional and mental health, this often leaves us depleated of energy as we get comfortable in the uncomfortable creating stress and overwhelm.


No one likes the uncomfortable and change can be difficult when your mind feels cluttered, your self belief is limited and your body is overworked and under rested.  Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and anxious can rob you of your happiness, much loved sleep, self confidence or even worse you could feel like you are only living half a life. 

Energy healing and Floral Therapy can have you feeling
empowered, relaxed, and reset your body,mind and soul, creating the space you need to rejuvenate and relax.

Hello Super Souls, and Welcome to Reiki.

In the few years that I have been attuned to Reiki I have witnessed complete transformations in my clients as they invite this beautiful energy in.  These beautiful people have said that Reiki has enabled them the space to change their lives and have relayed that they felt after a session. 

  1. They felt Peace and tranquility wash over them

  2. Their minds became Clearer and more focused

  3. Negative thoughts and emotions melted away

  4. Anxiety and stress literally lifted from their shoulders

  5. They were finally able to get on top of anxiety, overwhelm and depression and create their best life

  6. Improved Sleep

This ancient Japanese Art of Reiki is a truly wonderful energy modality that activates immediately to repair and reset our nervous system.  Anxiety and stress often causes chaos with our nerves, eventually causing havoc in our bodies.  The energy works quickly and directly to transmute anxiety, stress and overwhelm by regulating the breath and heart rhythm.

As your body relaxes Reiki gives you the chance to let go of all that pent up tension, workplace issues, home problems that you have been holding in your jaw and shoulders all this time.

Why not book in for a session and see for yourself.  Call 0475 776 824.

Benefits of inviting Reiki/Energy healing into your life 


In fact, I can tell you honestly, a few years ago, I felt a similar way.  Some of the harshest judgements and criticism came from myself, it was a cycle I didn't know how to break.  Then I stumbled on a Reiki workshop and learned how I could use energy healing to rid my mind of overthinking and anxiety, and it completely changed my life.  Since then I have continued to study Reiki to Master level and beyond.  As a practitioner I use my strengths to provide a service that will offer you:

  • A listening and compassionate ear

  • A safe space to explore your emotions and triggers

  • No judgement whatsoever

  • Support and a vast amount of knowledge

  • Tranquility and Harmony

  •  A different view of Anxiety and Stress.


  • Energy healing helps us to awaken and reconnect the mind,body and soul.  The Universal energy flows gently and certainly to the parts of us that need it the most.  Puts us in a peaceful state so we can actually connect with ourselves.  

  • Reiki asks you to be present in this moment and as all parts of you intergrate  finds solutions instead of problems, calm in place of chaos, wholeness of all that we are.

My training has been comprehensive and consistent to offer you the best treatment.  I am a Reiki Master, Mentor and teacher.  I am also trained in Mental Health as a Life Coach, NLP Techniques, Hypnotherapy, Past Life therapy via Reiki, Aromatherapy, crystals and flowers.  So as you can see I have dedicated myself to our wellbeing.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"
- Mahatma Gandhi -

In fact my biggest wish is to teach share the Reiki love in my weekend workshops with you.

Over one beautiful weekend I will challenge you to change how you see yourself, transform your thoughts and mindset to create a powerful transformation. Teach you how to get on top of Anxiety and overwhelm in minutes.  It would be such a privilege to uncover the secret healing of benefits that working with flowers and Reiki will bring you and it is also a great team building exercise.  The workshops are amazing, packed with knowledge, hands on practice, sound healing and lots of laughter to raise your vibration.  

​1. Learn the history of Reiki

2. Relax and reset with sound healing​

3. Uncover deep insights through creativity

4. Receive a beautiful attunement to Reiki that will amp up your energy​

5. Get plenty of hands on healing practice and enjoy a group healing​

6. Learn how to use Reiki on your friends, family and even your clients or workmates to regulate their emotions​

7. Vibe with your tribe​

8. Receive a certification for Reiki I


Honestly, Reiki is the gift that just keeps giving!  Empower yourself today!

Unlike many of us, the flower never doubts their purpose or beauty, never judges or compares themselves to another.

As part of the workshop we are committed to providing the best techniques to help you to re-connect and adding nature into the mix is a great way to reach into our creativity and reconnect with our inner self.

Connecting and creating with nature helps you to shift your energy and raise your vibration.  There are not many people who are not filled with joy at the sight of beautiful blooms.  These stunning tools boost our creativity  and give you that much needed minute to smell the flowers.  In a floral meditation you can create your floral crown and allow insights and little pockets of time to redirect your energy and notice the beauty that already exists in your own inner garden.  Floral therapy offers a valuable opportunity to take a moment for yourself to ground yourself and feel centered, to reflect on how you could improve your unique dance.

and encourage the unleashing of your inner child, desperate to unlock your inner most desires and dreams.  

"The work we do on ourselves becomes our gift to everyone else"
- Unknown -

It's your right to be happy! It all starts with you. And we know that when happiness radiates on the inside, it spills out into everything in your external world.  Why not set up a weekend with your work buddies the energy in your office will transform as you all embrace your inner peace?  Wouldn't that be a lovely place to work?

My intention is that you leave feeling empowered and deeply connected with your true self.  That when you look in the mirror you see that strong, smart and powerhouse staring back at you and you feel that right in the pit of your stomach, and you don't judge or compare because you can now see the beautiful soul you truly are.  My wish for you is that you will show up and witness your life change from stressed out to blissed out!

And your colleagues too.

 Reiki I  is such an incredible weekend, you will be creating a stunning take home flower crown to remind you that it's okay to take a minute to smell the flowers, life is beautiful and taking time for you is necessary.

Experience a divine Sound Healing that facilitates a safe space for you to relax your mind and connect deeply within yourself to uncover what you need, to explore the triggers that cause overwhelm and anxiety in your life.  It's a perfect space to relax and release all that tension.

Receive a beautiful attunement to Reiki that connects you with yourself and enables you to share this magical gift with your friends and family.  Spending time getting really familiar with that loving transformational energy, getting to practice it with other like-minded beautiful souls, detox your mind and give yourself permission to really see yourself - in all your glory!  Reiki will transform your life in a million different ways

If you loved Reiki ! Why not progress your transformation even further with Reiki II!  Learn to manifest, send Reiki through time and space, access past lives, you can even set up your own practice and earn money from it.  Reiki has so much to give and sharing it with others creates a positive catalyst for change, in you, your friends and your family, even your clients will benefit from your newfound gift.

When you invite Reiki into your life, it will awaken your intuition, empower you in so many delicious ways, it will help you to find the grace in your life.  Reiki leads you to your truth. 

Anger, Anxiety, Insomnia dissolve as Reiki flows through bringing those emotions their knees and healing them in a loving embrace from the Universe.

Take a journey that creates a long lasting and loving connection with YOU, 

Allow yourself to be guided by your true essence and live an extraordinary life, one that lights you up every day.  I'm looking forward to meeting you all and introducing you to the wonderful world of Reiki.

Peace and Love

The Secret Healer

and a little stripey cat x

Reiki is available to anyone who seeks it, when a student is ready to accept it, he is shown the way - Hawayo Takata -
Why choose Reiki?

Why choose Reiki?

Tapping into the Japanese art of healing Reiki integrates all parts of your mind, body and soul.  When we feel connected it gently flows Peace, Love and Balance into our lives.  Here are just a few things you can expect from a Floral Reiki session
Promotes Harmony and balance

Reiki takes a gentle approach to energy transfer that helps the body to restore balance across Body, mind and spirit.

Disolves Anxiety and Stress leading toInner Peace & Relaxation

 Anxiety and stress melt away as the body relaxes, Leading you gently to inner peace and deep relazation.

Cleanses the Chakras

Regular sessions unlock the flow of energy throughout the body, reducing stress, promoting mental clarity.  Reiki clears the chakras and meridians.

Helps with Spiritual Growth

Reiki helps you to tap into your intuition and make decisions more easily, it helps the body, mind and spirit to elevate the receivers mood and attitude to life.

Because it targets the whole body it is easily the most powerful tool for healing.

Aids Sleep

The positive energy allows the mind to focus on the now and releases old energies that no longer serve us.

Clear Toxins from the body

Reiki reminds us that our bodies can repair or self-heal our state of digestion and rest, also can help with pain relief of physical ailments and gets to the root cause making healing more effective.


Have been using Cream of Minions on my daughter for her seasonal eczema, clears it up great.  She asks for her Minion Cream whenever she starts feeling itchy or her skin getting dry!  I highly recommend!

- Karen Littlewood -