21 Day Reiki Chakra Cleanse

After to being attuned to Reiki I we embark on a 21 day Reiki Chakra Cleanse to help the attunement to settle and begin our healing journey with the energetic hug from the Universe we call Reiki. Throughout the three weeks you Higher self will reveal things you need to heal and the Reiki energy will sooth them. By the end of the cleanse you will feel clearer in your mind, stronger in your intuition, physically well and really happy you spent the time on yourself. The universe never gives us anything we can't handle, so if an emotion comes up that is tricky, call in the Reiki energy to sooth and smooth it.

Week One of your Reiki Chakra is about the relationship you have with YOU. Its a personal week where the Reiki brings up to the surface the old negative emotions and thoughts that once served us. Our self reiki practice helps us to gently release them and replace them with positive and loving emotions and thoughts that come from our True Self. This week is about building up the energy of Reiki in our hands and using it to first heal our emotions and feelings. To clear out the old energy that could block our chakra wheels from spinning and shining. At the end of the week you will feel like you have had an internal spring clean. Really try to immerse yourself in the process, it needn't take too much time, 20 minutes of meditation and self reiki. Incorporate crystals, essentials oils, yoga, wear the corresponding colour of that chakra, eat food in that colour, squeeze juice that is the colour of the chakra you are exploring. Chanting the sanskrit for that chakra helps with releasing. Remember all emotions are a release, whether it is crying, laughing or coughing. Allow it to happen and witness the peace you feel after. Reiki will sooth, it will be your shoulder to cry on, your healer.


The second week deals with the relationships we have in our external world. As the Reiki energy increases we notice we feel more loving and grateful for the people we have in our lives. We implement the changes we noticed in the first week and find our place in the community. We experience inner peace and a light feeling as though we are no longer anchored and weighed down by our emotions.


The final week is Spiritual. We feel ourselves beginning to ascend into enlightenment. We are now aware of many triggers and approach them from a spiritual point of view, incorporating insights revealed through meditation and self reiki bring us closer to our higher self, our true self. As the Reiki energy becomes stronger still we start to realise who we are, think more clearly, make better decisions. We can now practise Reiki on our friends and families, always remembering that we as Practitioners must receive Reiki for ourselves before we can offer to help others.

Keep practicing Self Reiki, call the energy in everyday, the changes are subtle but the rewards are great. The more you practice reiki the more your will understand the gift you have blessed yourself with.

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