REIKI - Does it work?

Hello Secret Healer friends.

It seems like everyone is talking about the Japanese healing art of Reiki these days. Social media is full of Reiki Practitioners and healers all telling us how it helps increase our intuition, re- connects us with ourselves. Does it actually work though?

As Reiki is an energy healing it's tricky to describe in professional terms. You can't get a prescription for Reiki from your GP. Having been a florist for many years I know Reiki is not something you can take a photo of to display what it is. The measure of Reiki can only be felt and if you work in a hospital seen on machines, but we can back to that later. So how do we know if it is working?

Reiki is an awakening in some ways, the experience is not linear and will adapt according to your uniqueness and individuality. I cannot speak for other Practitioners, I can only lean into my own experiences of both giving and receiving Reiki.

As a Practitioner my treatments are set up in a cosy and comfortable space. I usually ask the client to lay on the Reiki table fully clothed and wrap them in a snuggly blanket. In the background soft meditation music plays. When the client is comfortable I call in my Reiki to help them release what no longer serves them. I do this by putting my hands in prayer position (gassho) and reciting the Reiki Precepts. As I focus on the precepts I feel a ball of warm energy form in my hands and begin my session by holding the right hand.

As I move to the next position I observe as the client relaxes into the table. I listen quietly with my eyes closed and feel into the hot bouncing energy ball that my hands are transferring to the client. For me it's a pulsating, tingling feeling that tells me the Reiki is flowing beautifully. The completely calm look on their face let's me know the person on the table is feeling tranquil and receiving the energy well. As I practice Reiki intuitively I allow my healing hands to tell me when it is time for the next position. My sweet confirmation is the conversation with the client after. The shift from stress to peace is evident in their now shiny bright eyes, and the tiny grin they are trying to hide.

The Client's experience also differs from person to person. For the most part though a shower of tranquility flows through them, as well as my hot little hands that allow the loving Reiki energy to flood the body, soul and mind. This tranquil state optimises the healing as it deftly moves steadily through the body, dissolving blockages caused by both the past and everyday life. Re-aligning and resetting the nervous system. Things you have worried about suddenly start to become clearer as you subtly release them to Mother Gaia. After the Reiki treatment the client feels more in balance and dare I say happy.

Being a Reiki Practitioner is a magical existence for sure. As a practitioner you never stop discovering, improving and being amazed by the results and experiences that Reiki gifts us with. My lovely friend Mel often practices Reiki with me and we always uncover something we both didn't know, so Reiki is our teacher as well as our healer. As Practitioners though, we are merely skilled vessels for the Reiki to use for the highest good of everyone. The true magic of Intuitive Reiki is that it naturally flows to the parts of you that need the healing. Then it uses your own body, mind and spirit to facilitate the healing in a loving and non judgemental way.

Of course this makes us feel wonderfully connected to our Authentic selves, the implications of this are abundant as Reiki teaches us to live in LOVE and release our FEAR of the future.

So back to the question in hand, Does Reiki really work?

My answer is a resounding Yes! I have to say definitely Yes! Not because I have read about it (although I have done a great deal of reading about it! Knowledge is Power right?) I use Reiki everyday. It is totally part of my life. I practice self-reiki before I sleep at night and always wake up wonderfully rested. I resolve family arguments with a strong intention and the energy of Reiki, clean up my environment, I use Reiki when I am afraid, stressed, on my kids, my pets. The truth is I have witnessed the magic of Reiki so many times I know it to be true. I am a completely different person to the woman I was before Reiki came into my life. Why just this week I have witnessed the Reiki in action.

After looking at my floors and feeling Mum guilt for the disgusting state of the grouting, I donned my best Cinderella clothes and readied my water. I filled the bowl with Dawn washing up liquid, Rosemary and Lemongrass essential oils. (I always feel better when I use essential oils they make the job so much more pleasant). I scrubbed away on my hands and knees, our floor is huge so it took me a good six hours. As I cleaned the last tile I stood up, my knees wobbly and sore from the concrete. I pulled up my trouser legs to study my knees. They were red and inflamed and they really hurt.

As I relaxed on the sofa with my hubby I could feel my knees stinging and throbbing. I called in my Reiki and put my hands on my knees for 15 minutes. Initially I thought at least the stinging had gone. When I woke up the pain and redness was completely gone. Feeling good as new I began working in the garden.

A couple of days later my daughter's beautiful dog was looking a little swollen around the face. Her eyes were so sad. We figured it was an abcess from one of her back teeth. It was late at night so we couldn't take her to the vet, I practiced Reiki on her little face and head. When my daughter, who is attuned to Reiki I, took her to bed she gave her another Reiki treatment and they fell asleep to a high frequency meditation track. The next morning the abcess had erupted all over my daughter's bed (I know not nice right!). She took her to the Vet who explained that it was actually healthier if it popped outwards. Over the weekend my daughter and I took turns to administer the Reiki, before our very eyes we observed as the dog's face healed and she was bouncing around again. Plus she really liked all the fuss of hugs and Reiki.

Reiki heals on a deep level within, gently soothing the mind, spirit and body. In recent times the Medical profession have adopted Reiki into their hospitals and rightly so. All across the world Reiki Practitioners are being introduced to, Brain injury wards, Intensive care and such like. The reason is simple, pre-op Reiki puts the client in a relaxed and calm state. When this happens the body is ready to receive healing, and actually this calm, trance like state helps the surgeons and medication to work more effectively in a procedure: the results are that the patient has not suffered any surgery trauma and therefore recovery can happen much quicker.

Another ward it can be utilized with great results is the cancer ward. Reiki is a modality that causes no harm and marries up beautiful with the modern medical treatments to reduce uncomfortable side effects from necessary medication. Reiki is not intended to replace professional medical treatments, it's purpose is to increase the healing effect of medication and surgeries and activate our own inside power to heal the body.

I watched a Youtube video recently. One of my favourite Reiki Masters is Torsten Lange, he has recently created a wonderful support for anyone interested in Reiki. Check him out on "The Reiki Revolution". He invites interesting guests who are Reiki Masters to talk about their personal journeys into Reiki.. In the first one I watched the guest was a lady who is chairman of the Reiki Federation in the UK. She also works in a hospital and she was saying that when she performed Reiki with patients in ICU she could see all the monitors. As she administered the Reiki she watched as all his stats returned to a healthy level on the monitor. This proved to her that Reiki is real and works in the most marvellous way.

If you ask any practitioner if they have proof that Reiki works I think you will get the same answer, Yes, and you can bet their unique experience will be fascinating to hear. The journey we take with Reiki is empowering, and loving and really connects us with who we are, it also teaches us that we as individuals are capable of our own healing, as a collective it's needed in society more than ever.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this. It is my intention when writing this that I share this beautiful healing art with you, because the true essence of Reiki is that it is sourced through LOVE, and who doesn't want to feel Love and be Loved. If you have any comments or questions I would LOVE it if you could share them below.

For now Love yourself beautiful souls


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