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Hello Lovely Souls

The secret healer - Flowers & Energy is a unique business that combines the healing power of flowers with the holistic power of reiki, hypnosis, NLP, meditation, and tarot readings. We offer one-on-one sessions as well as weekend workshops that are tailored to your individual needs.

Our goal is to help you to create lasting change and we recommend 4-5 sessions for the best results. However, some people only need one session to experience the full effect of our services. We are certified in all of the techniques we use and always strive to give our clients the best experience possible.

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My Story

 The Secret Healer - Flowers and Reiki is a holistic approach to self-care and personal growth. After a childhood filled with trauma and turbulence, I found myself with everything but feeling nothing. In my quest to heal I delved in to studying Reiki, flower arranging and therapy, aromatherapy, NLP, Hypnosis, understanding mental health issues and past life regression, I was able to start transforming my life and learning to love and care for myself, I know it can help others.


Our service dedicated to helping people achieve their full potential by creating a safe and nurturing space. My goal is to provide a holistic approach to healing and self-care, by combining the practice of reiki with the beauty of flowers. I believe that both of these amazing gifts of nature provide an opportunity for transformation, growth and empowerment.

This journey has become my passion, and I'm now dedicated to helping others learn to do the same. I'm here to provide guidance and support on the path toward emotional healing and a better quality of life.


I love meeting new people and empowering them to be their true self, so if you feel like you want to connect, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I look forward to helping you find clarity and peace.

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